The Main Guide


  1. Read the rules
    Knowing the rules is a good idea even though they mostly are common sense.
  2. Join a Faction or Create one!
    Factions is also about diplomacy and war. You declare wars and forge alliances. You fight over land and manage your monetary expenses.
    Joining a faction will help keep you safe, and allow you to thrive.
  3. Use your in-game commands
    Use /help to get general knowlege about certain plugins.
    Use /f home to get back to your faction home.


  • General Commands
    • /spawn - Takes you to the central spawn world where you can find the Info Library and Warp Center.
    • /sethome - Sets your home location that can be access via: /home
    • /home - Teleports you from any spot on any world to your home.  (won't work when PVP flagged)
    • /resource - Teleports you to a random location inside the Resource World.
    • /w [player] message. - Private message to another player.
    • /r response - Respond to last private message.
    • /money - Check your balance.
    • /pay [player] [amount] - Makes a payment to another player.
    • /money top - The richest players on the server.
    • /mcmmo help - Skill commands.
    • /mctop - Top skill levels.
    • /mctop [skill] - Top 10 players in a skill.
    • /warps - Lists available warps that you have access to.
  • Factions Commands
    • /f the factions base command
    • /f l,list [page=1] list all factions
    • /f f,faction [faction=you] show faction information
    • /f p,player [player=you] show player information
    • /f join <faction> [player=you] join faction
    • /f leave leave your faction
    • /f home teleport to faction home
    • /f map [on/off=once] show territory map
    • /f create <name> create new faction
    • /f name <new name> set faction name
    • /f desc <desc> change faction description
    • /f sethome [faction=you] set the faction home
    • /f open [yes/no=toggle] set if invitation is required to join
    • /f inv,invite <player> [yes/no=toggle] set if player is invited
    • /f kick <player> kick player from faction
    • /f title <player> <title> set player title
    • /f promote <player> promote lesser members in your faction
    • See more commands here factions.
  • MCMmo Party System
    • /party - View information on your current party
    • /party join [player name] [password] - Joins the party of that player, password if specified
    • /party quit - Leaves the current party.
    • /pc - Toggles party chat
    • /party invite [player name] - Invites the named player to the current party.
    • /ptp [party member name] - Teleports the player to the designated party member.
    • /party [lock;unlock] - Locks or unlocks the party you are in
    • /party password (password) - Sets a password to your party (only work if party is locked)
    • /party create [player name] [password] - Creates a party with a name, password is optional
    • /party [kick] [player name] - Kicks said player from your party
    • /party [leader] [player name] -Transfers ownership of the party
    • /party disband - Disbands the party