Server Rules

  1. Do NOT Swear.
  2. Do NOT Hack, Cheat Or Use Unapproved Mods.
  3. Do NOT Spam Messages and Commands.
  4. Do NOT Advertise Other Servers in Any Way.
  5. Do NOT Ask Staff For Ranks, Items Or Other Perks.
  6. Do NOT Argue or Disrespect Others.
  7. Do NOT Threaten Others.
  8. Do NOT Discuss Controversial or Inappropriate Topics.
  9. Do NOT Speak another Language other than English in Chat.
  10. Do NOT Lie To Or Argue With Staff.
  11. Do NOT Scam Other Players or Staff.
  12. Do NOT Abuse Bugs Or Glitches.
  13. Do NOT Bypass The Chat Filter, Mutes or Bans.