Staff Application Format

1. Minecraft Username: THE_DESTROYER512
2. Age: 12
3. Timezone:
4. Availability: 7

5. Have You Read The Rules And Are You Familiar With Them? (Yes/No Only) yes

6. How Long Have You Been Playing On Our Server For? half an hour

7. Are You Currently Staff On Any Other Servers? no

8. Have You Been Banned, Muted, Warned Or Kicked On The Network, If So What For? no

9. Why Should You Be Chosen As Staff? i would like to become a staff to help people on this server

10. Anything Else We Should Know? (Additional Information, Second Accounts, Previous Usernames, Etc) no

11. Lets pretend you get the position. If a player constantly sends you messages and tries to insult you and bait you, what do you do?
tell them to stop. if they continue. warning. then another warning. then a mute

12. If a player gets killed by another, anywhere in any world, and the victim player who died asks for his items back but the killer refuses, what do you do? say. Sorry But there isn't a rule about people having to give stuff back when killed

13. Have You Read The Format Fully And Met All Requirements? (Yes/No Only) (P.S Check Again) yes


Staff member
Thank you for stopping by the server and registering on the forums.

I appreciate the time you spent to fill out the questions. They are short answers but your application will be considered.

Keep in mind you need to be an active player for two weeks before you will be considered for a staff position.



Staff member
Understandable! I hope you enjoyed your vacation. Looking forward to seeing you online and playing with you.

I have been afk'ing lately in my melon farm, so if youre on and I dont answer thats why!